lundi 12 février 2018

unusual spanish friend

a review to a recycled art book with collage, drawings, photos and handwriting (pulp delirium) made by Andalusian painter in Paris MANUEL MONTERO in 2012 and linked to a vision on exile and Spanish Revolution

soundtrack is composed of Columba (francophone sms poem), Poligamia, Tarot, Teatro (séance de lecture de tarot avec Eleodora Nesua, en espagnol), Transvampirismo en la pintura de JCV (performative translation from my book "Maquinaria del cuerpo klossowskiano" to French), a fragment of d'Annunzio's novel "il Piacere" and an old 2011 performative translation of Kalidasa's The Season of Frosts, from the Chandra Rajan edition to Spanish

some whispers at the end


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