dimanche 3 juin 2018

Saigon MM 18

Despite Kafka and specially The methamorphose (being short novel) and The Castle, south-american writer Jorge Luis Borges was often read by young kids in 80's Andalusia

Same way Kafka was read there, Borges tales were shared by kids in the Albayzin (one of the ancient moorish quarters of Granada) and his prose was for young people there the path to modernity and the taste for myths

There in the 70's to almost the 90's, being touristic place, grew together in the same school the sons and daughters of the remains of working class and gypsy musicians & dancers the sons and daughters of the new bobo population, this was a time astonishing for these children we were, a strange community of the opposites united by the magic of nostalgia, the feeling of a disappearing world

There we set some enigma Some secret distribution of our soul was modeled in this melting pot and we learned maybe the art of melting and memoirs, the art of dispersing, of becoming light

Why bicéphale woman has come to concern my work ? I have already written many pages about (in Spanish, in my novels and in a work with Anel Mendoza - Toluca University ) but I can resume up by saying it has been mostly the evidence of life in a reportage on this way of human existence known in England (and the period was the middle 90's) They gave me faith in a better world but also a deep nostalgia difficult to explain, similar to love

The same we read Kafka in the 80's we read Klossowski's Baphomet and Diana's Bath in the 90'z but there we were less people in the quarter, the community had spread and open to others, we were already tainting through the veins of the seven domains and the 90 prouts (reading Proust and cooking vegetal soup for the daily meal of the baby - giving him with a spoon, a winged spoon that levitates like an angel of soup ) but this was me, others this has been not so easy going

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